Ukrainian War Radicalizing Russian Extreme Right, ‘Nezavisimaya’ Warns

Staunton, October 13 – Members of the Russian extreme right are taking part in the fighting in Ukraine on both sides, and they are returning from that conflict with increasingly radical notions of what they want and how they can use violence to take power, according to Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

In a lead article October 13
, the editors of the independent Moscow paper said that the Ukrainian war is having an enormous impact on Russian radical nationalists but add that the Russian authorities, besides being pleased that it has split the ranks of that trend, do not appear to be recognizing how dangerous this influence is.

The Moscow media has focused on the role that Ukrainian nationalists are playing, but the more Russian outlets talk about “Ukrainian fascism,” the less attention we are devoting to Russian “national-patriotic” organizations” which are spouting ideas that are at least as dangerous overall and more dangerous to Russia itself.

Russians do not think they need to worry about this because they “are accustomed to live with the conviction that [their] country, having paid such a terrible price for a victory over fascism, never will have to face this ideology in their own multi-national home.” But recent events, such as the trial of Nikita Voronov of BORN, show no basis for that “conviction.”

Moreover, the paper continues, the appearance of radical nationalists in Ukraine should be a wake-up call to Russians, given that there are clear connections between “present-day Ukrainian and Russian nationalists.” Unfortunately, it says, “it is easier to condemn this phenomenon than to study it,” although a great deal is known.

Two weeks ago, the Russian authorities for the first time brought charges of mercenary activity against a Russian national socialist named Roman Zheleznov, code named Zukhel, who fought in the Azov Battalion in …read more

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