Lunch with the Minutemen of Cyber

Is Internet conflict NATO’s next defense-industrial agenda, or just a matter for industry?

Where [was] the industrial agenda for the NATO Summit?” Hugo Rosemount of Defense One asked after Wales. Successful industrial engagement has not traditionally been NATO’s long suit, but after the talks had concluded, we had our answer: cyber was priority one. That might seem some progress for an alliance whose first cyber policy was articulated in 2008, after the attacks on member state Estonia, and was last updated three years ago. Moving at the speed of cyber, movement today is possibly none-too-soon, but at least a sense of urgency has set in. So yesterday, as part of our Cyber Risk Wednesday series, the Atlantic Council hosted an event on “NATO’s Cyber Defense Mission and Capabilities”, a panel discussion amongst Sorin Ducaru, assistant secretary general for emerging security challenges; Jason Healey, director of our Cyber Statecraft Initiative; Christopher Painter, the State Department’s coordinator for cyber issues; and moderator Vago Muradian of Defense News.

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