Indo-Pacific security links: J-31, Silk roads, US rebalance, South China Sea and more

  • Ahead of the G20 Summit in Brisbane this weekend, Russia is reminding us that it is an Indo-Pacific power by steaming several warships through international waters north of Australia. James Brown and The Interpreter were three days ahead of the media on this one.
  • Jeremy Page at The Wall Street Journal has an excellent five-point breakdown on China’s ‘new silk roads‘.
  • This comes at a time when India is being forced to take a closer look at its own resource security, particularly oil from West Asia.
  • A new report from ASPI looks at the US rebalance to the Indo-Pacific to date, how allies like South Korea, Japan and Australia have contributed so far, and what the US could expect of them in the future.
  • Rory Medcalf has written that the East Asia Summit is the forum to continue discussions on the territorial disputes plaguing the South China Sea.
  • But Ely Ratner from CNAS argues that China’s actions in the South China Sea are becoming increasingly unilateral.
  • At the end of the month, India and China are conducting joint counter-terrorism exercises in the Indian city of Pune.
  • China’s new J-31 stealth fighter performed its first public demonstration at the Zhuhai Airshow last week (this was a warm-up flight for the real thing this week):


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