Mazher Mahmood Claims BBC “Irresponsible” – But He Has Collapsed 16 Cases Since July

By Joe Public

Sun on Sunday reporter Mazher Mahmood released a statement yesterday attacking BBC for being “irresponsible” and “not in public interest” who are “hell bent” to broadcast Panorama exposing his career as a fake sheikh entrapping targets before shopping them to police.

In what seems like his final attempt to the stop public broadcaster, he has astonishingly referred to the Attorney General’s request to the BBC to reconsider screening the 30 mins programme.

Mahmood’s statement said:

The BBC proposes to broadcast, it would appear whatever the evidence shows, a programme designed to condemn my career as an investigatory journalist. They are doing so while there is an active investigation being carried out by the Metropolitan Police into the collapse of the Contostavlos trial. I am cooperating fully with the police inquiry and have not been arrested.
However because a decision will be taken shortly on whether any proceeding should be brought, the BBC has been asked by the Attorney General of England and Wales to consider delaying the broadcast to wait on any decision to prosecute, so as not to prejudice any proceedings should they be brought. They are ignoring this and seem hell bent on broadcasting, whatever effect it may have. This is deeply irresponsible and not in the public interest or in the interests of justice, but unfortunately in line with the attitude they are taking around their programme in general.

These are extraordinary claims from a man who has collapsed 16 criminal cases – since JULY only.

In the last 11 years, at least two other cases have collapsed – one of them where ironically, the judge referred the matter to the Attorney General “to consider the temptations that money being offered in return for stories concerning celebrities give rise to” – as well as a …read more

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