The Trump Administration vs. ISIS: Will this new strategy work – Muhammad Fraser-Rahim

By Murshed Madaser

The Trump Administration vs. ISIS: Will this new strategy work

With this week’s uptick of the Trump administration rhetoric against North Korea, its critical our country’s national security apparatus keep its attention on our top foe, ISIS. Since this months, the new administration has sought to be proactively military in many fronts. And, as global analysts were still trying to understand the ramifications of recent U.S. airstrikes in Syria, news broke of a fresh assault on ISIS operatives in Afghanistan. This wasn’t just a routine military power move, but the first-ever known use of an MOAB, otherwise known as the “mother of all bombs.” With this strike, President Trump sent a strong message of decisiveness, and yet, as with every move that he makes, he leaves in his wake a critically divided country.

For instance, the majority of those who voted for Trump did so on the promise of ‘America First,’ a renewed focus on the American working class, and a definitive end to all foreign U.S. intervention. Meanwhile, his opponents cited his lack of empathy towards immigrants, refugees, and foreigners, especially those of Muslim backgrounds. Trump’s Middle East foreign policy approach has been problematic, to say the least, and this latest move has left all sides confused and confounded. But what does this unprecedented change in Trump’s Syria strategy actually translate to on the ground?

In order to answer this question, we need to be able to visualize how this decision plays into the United States’ long game strategy. Of course, the only problem is that no one is really quite sure what that long game might be or whether Trump even has one, despite his campaign claims of a secret plan to defeat ISIS “very, very quickly,” and his statements that “containing the spread of radical Islam must be …read more

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