Fortnightly links: universal basic income, REDD+, IDAHOBIT, lights out, and more

By Camilla Burkot and Ashlee Betteridge

Universal basic income continues to be a hot topic in global development. In this blog post, Martin Ravallion explores 5 straw man arguments deployed on both sides of the debate. For those interested in background, a recent episode of the excellent Past Present podcast also looked at the history of calls for a universal basic income.

As the concept approaches its tenth anniversary, Katie Evans asks: is REDD+ dead?

In honour of IDAHOBIT Day this week (that’s International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia – May 17), this Guardian article profiles the members of the hijra community recently hired by the Kochi Metro Rail in south India.

This very cool map shows where lights have turned on — or been extinguished — between 2012 and 2016. An accompanying National Geographic article provides more details about the process of developing the map.

Stephen Radelet bravely goes ‘once more unto the breach’ to review the evidence for aid effectiveness in light of continuing threats that US aid will be heavily cut by the Trump administration.

What does a real feminist foreign policy look like? Valerie Percival reflects, in the Canadian context.

Those interested in the delivery of Australian aid may be interested in the response to a recent Senate Question on Notice [pdf] which details the top 10 contractors to the Australian aid program as a percentage of total ODA in 2015/16.

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