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Budget wrap

With whispers of a diversion of aid funds to intelligence agencies on the eve of the 2017 federal budget, the sector was primed for further cuts. And although those cuts fell in the outer years of forward estimates, they weren’t wrong. Stephen Howes analyses the fallout here.

Robin Davies looks at the composition of the 2017 aid budget and compares this year’s allocations to those five years ago. He argues that there is growing dominance of broadly political considerations in aid allocations.

Matt Dornan explores the possible reasons for the cuts, while Jacqui De Lacy questions whether our aid is being delivered more effectively, and if we should be concerned about the growing ‘national interest’ emphasis for aid.

Finally, is there still a budget emergency? Tony Swan says not in a blog summary of his presentation at last week’s aid budget breakfast. If you missed the event and are keen to know more, watch the livestream here or listen to the podcast here.

Blog redesign

The Devpolicy Blog has had a makeover. If you’ve not yet visited the new site, we encourage you to do so here. One key change we’ve made is to divide the content into two streams: one on PNG and the Pacific, and the other on aid and global development. This means you can focus on reading content that interests you. We’ve applied the same change to the blog email options, with a distribution list for each stream. You can change your subscription preferences through the link in the footer of our emails, or on the blog. For more information, see here. Feedback always welcome – email us here.

PNG history and drought

On Wednesday 24 May at 12.30pm, the Development …read more

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