The Douma Chemical Attack – Fake News about Fake News on Russia’s Fake News

By Eliot Higgins

With any war crime in Syria receiving significant media coverage, there has been a concerted effort by pro-Kremlin and pro-Assad individuals and media outlets to spread claims attacking the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets), a major source of information and footage on war crimes in the conflict. These attacks generally fall into two categories: claiming that the White Helmets are Al-Qaeda or ISIS (or even sometimes both), and claiming that the White Helmets fake images of war crimes for gullible Western audiences and media outlets.

The aftermath of the April 7, 2018 Douma chemical attack is no different, with many well-established anti-White Helmets allegations being rehashed by those trying to undermine reporting around the chemical attack. The Russian government has now claimed the White Helmets were ordered by the British government to fake a chemical attack, demonstrating once again that attempts to demonise the White Helmets come not just from fringe actors, but even the Russian government itself. One of the newer allegations was recently covered by the Vesti program on Russian state television channel Russia-1, claiming to show photographs of a White Helmets film set in East Ghouta:

The segment shows a number of images “acquired” by Russia-1’s Vesti news programme supposedly from a White Helmets film set, with Vesti highlighting alleged signs of White Helmet involvement in fakery:

Actually, these images are taken from the Facebook page of the film Revolution Man, with the following synopsis published in Syrian state media:

“The film revolves around a journalist who enters Syria illegally in order to take pictures and videos of the war …read more

From:: Bellingcat

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