Fortnightly links: 28 September

By Sachini Muller and Terence Wood

Tina Rosenberg writes – brilliantly – for The Guardian on the business of voluntourism, with great anecdotal evidence as well as a clear explanation of the issues.

There’s a 12-point consensus on global poverty on the Center for Global Development’s blog.

On the Lowy Interpreter, Jonathan Pryke argues for ‘a foreign aid tsar’.

Since the start of 2017, more than 200 sewage workers have died in India, but little is being done to address this issue, reports Joanna Slater for The Washington Post.

Max Roser for our World in Data has put together a world map re-drawn according to country populations.

This article in The Economist looks at why people in China give so little to charity. If you’re interested in the subject, there’s also a good article in the Journal of Development Studies which looks at public opinion in China about foreign aid (the article is pay-walled, but an open access working paper is here).

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