Houthis Use Armed Drone to Target Yemeni Army Top Brass

By Nick Waters

On January 10, 2018 a drone reportedly targeted a Yemeni government base during a military parade, allegedly killing six people and wounding many others, including several senior officers. Analysis of the attack indicates that a variant of an Ababil T drone, referred to as a Qasef 1 by Houthi forces, was used to attack the parade. This article will analyse the event and its potential implications.


The location of the attack was reported to be Al Anad Airbase. Geolocation of videos from the attack, however, indicate it happened at Al Anad military base, about 5 km north of the airport proper.

Image 1: Comparison of mountain range (source)

Image 2: Exact geolocation (source)

Most open-source conflict maps indicate this location is approximately 30 km away from the nearest Houthi territory, out of range of most conventional artillery.

Image 3: Territory held by Houthis indicated in red. Location of attack indicated by yellow dot. (source)

The Attack

The video below shows the attack relatively clearly, showing an object descending to the location of the dais and then detonating above it.


A slow motion video of the detonation is presented below. Note that the roof of the dais can be seen to the lower right of the screen.

Although it is difficult to be sure, the videos appear to show the drone detonating almost immediately above the dais, where the VIPs were sitting down to view the parade. This is consistent with images posted after the attack, showing blood pools on the dais itself. These pools are immediately in front of several leather …read more

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