Logbook, Part I: The UAE’s BMP-3 IFV in Yemen

By Leone Hadavi

This project, divided into two parts, originated from an open source collection of photographic/video material I acquired for an investigation into the identification and tracking of the UAE Army’s BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) and Leclerc Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) operating in Yemen. This article will focus on vehicles of the first type.

This effort began as an offshoot of the #GermanArms inquiry into the United Arab Emirates Army’s military equipment and personnel testing/training at a recent addition to the Al Hamra Training Centre facilities built by the German company Rheinmetall. I want to publish this open source collection in case others within the research community may wish to consult, use, or collaborate in updating such a database and resulting analysis in the future.

The core element of this analysis is a logbook where all details of identifiable vehicles are recorded. Only vehicles which can be identified with a reasonable degree of certainty are included, e.g. one of the two specific vehicle identifying numbers must be known, even partially.

Methodology: ID

The UAE Army, a branch of the country’s armed forces, is a modern organisation which operates approximately 600 BMP-3 IFVs and 400 Leclerc MBTs divided into different units. Information indicating which unit operates how many vehicles is not available, and since my focus is exclusively on vehicles deployed to Yemen — for operations which may demand even more operational secrecy — I rely solely on observation within photographic/video analysis. This is not a definitive document.

ID I: Camouflage

The UAE Army has an original standard desert camouflage pattern which is applied almost identically to its BMP-3 IFVs and Leclerc MBTs deployed to Yemen, featuring a sandy background with very distinctive brown stripes on the sides which grow larger at the base (vaguely resembling flames). I rarely focus on differences in …read more

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