Yemen Project Release: Attacks Causing Grave Civilian Harm

By Yemen Project

Today we publish a cluster of 20 incident assessments, Attacks Causing Grave Civilian Harm, as part of our ongoing Yemen Project. These assessments are the product of in-depth open-source analysis focusing on alleged Saudi-UAE airstrikes that have occurred in Yemen since the start of the aerial bombardment campaign on the 25th of March 2015. They can be read in full at the Yemen Project website.

Bellingcat’s investigations comprise review and verification of all available information in the public domain related to the incidents, including photographs, videos, satellite imagery and Arabic language social media posts discovered by their investigators. Through these reports, Bellingcat has drawn attention to a strategy of targeting densely populated locations by the Saudi-UAE led coalition in both Houthi and non-Houthi held territory. These investigations highlight a destructive pattern of attacks by the Saudi-led Coalition on densely populated markets, prisons, weddings and funerals in Yemen, leaving little to no accountability or acknowledgement in their wake.


The methodology followed by the investigators was designed in collaboration with lawyers at the Global Legal Action Network. It was created to increase the reliability of the information in the event that it is ever used as evidence in a court of law. It includes the use of technology which records all steps taken by the investigators to find evidence and immutably preserves the content relied on in the reports. Investigators are briefed on the core principles of international humanitarian law in order to inform their factual assessments, and all reasonable lines of inquiry are followed, including those which point to military activity in the vicinity of an attack which may explain an airstrike in favour of the attacker.

“Double-tap” airstrikes on markets

From the set of 20, Bellingcat has investigated eight alleged airstrikes on markets in Yemen. Seven of …read more

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