On the situation in Libya

By Pierre Vaux

This is part of a tranche of internal communications from deep inside infamous caterer turned troll farmer and mercenary backer Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Libya operation, always referred to simply as “the Company.” These files were originally obtained by the Dossier Centre, a London-based investigative team funded by former Russian oligarch and political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Please see our summary in The Daily Beast.

Translator’s note: This document reveals that Russian agents of the Company made agreements with Mohamed Hamdan Degalo, known as Hemedti, the commander of Sudan’s notorious Janjaweed militia and Rapid Support Forces responsible for acts of genocide in Darfur and mass murder in Khartoum. Hemedti agreed to enter the Libyan civil war in order to, optionally, attack forces allied to Haftar’s LNA or to support the warlord’s assault on Tripoli. This file was written by by Pyotr Bychkov, an employee of the Prigozhin-linked Fund for the Defense of National Values, on March 20, 2019

Specialists of the Company are conducting negotiations and have established close contacts with most of the political groups in Libya: Khalifa Haftar, Khaled al-Mishri, Aguila Saleh Issa, Saif Gaddafi, the main tribes – Tuareg, Toubou, Amazigh, and also different centres of influence – representatives of the cities of Misurata, Tarhuna, Bani Walid, Zintant and others. The exception is [Government of National Accord Prime Minister] Sarraj, who is avoiding engagement with the Russian side, fearing condemnation from the European countries and the USA.

We are regularly conducting sociological analyses of the situation (see Appendix 1), carrying out active work on social media (see Appendix 2) and media (see Appendix 3).

At present, the political map of Libya looks as follows (see Appendix 4) and can be provisionally divided into 3 zones:

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