Dogolachan And The Ghost Of Massacres Past

By Robert Evans and Leonardo Coelho

On March 13, 2019, two young men entered their former high school in the small city of Suzano in São Paulo, Brazil. The first one in, Guilherme Taucci, age 17, immediately opened fire with a .38 revolver. Luiz Castro, 25, followed him inside. So began the eighth massacre in Brazilian schools since 2002.

Five students and two employees were killed that day. Many others who managed to survive were injured by bullets and an axe swung by the killers. After the police stormed the building, eight minutes in, Taucci killed Castro and then committed suicide.

Yet the bloody trail followed them even outside the school. Before the attack, both men had killed Taucci´s uncle and stolen his car.

While the Suzano Massacre, as it came to be known, caused tremendous sorrow and grief, it gained little international attention. Yet the Suzano Massacre was destined to become part of the same web of international fascist violence that includes the massacres in Christchurch, Halle (Germany) and El Paso. While those shootings were all tied together by the website 8chan, Suzano became wrapped up in the sordid tale of a website similar to 8chan: Dogolachan.

What Is Dogolachan?

In December, 2013, Marcelo Valle Silveira Mello founded Dogolachan on the surface web as a haven for his particular brand of “free speech.” He had been an active user of the social network Orkut since 2005, regularly posting his support for pedophilia and racism, and sharing pictures of violent crimes.

Prior to founding Dogolachan, Mello had a history of launching online hate campaigns. In 2009, he was the first person in Brazil to be formally condemned for the crime of racism. His lawyer successfully appealed, stating that his client had mental issues. Because of that, Mello avoided prison at that time.

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