Author: DFNS

The Strategist Hottest 10.0

By Jack Norton It’s that time again. Coinciding with the biggest musical countdown of the year is the biggest countdown of a defence and strategy site’s most popular articles of 2019. This year saw...

In the Terrorism Fight, Trump Has Continued a Key Obama Policy

By Boaz Dvir, The Conversation Sending specially trained operatives into hostile territories dates back to Colonial days. In the past decade, special operations forces have become central to America’s counterterrorism efforts. …read more From::...

Toy Soldiers

By Russian Defense Policy Tula Suvorov Military School Cadets In NVO, historian Stanislav Ivanov asks how much “cadetization” of Russia’s youth is justified? Even a good thing like military education for the young, he...

The Torturers Wanted to Stop, but the CIA Kept Going

By Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic An interrogator testified that even after prisoner Abu Zubaydah started cooperating, the waterboarding continued. …read more From:: Government Executive (Policy)

Citizens’ assemblies can help save the world order

By Klaus Schwab On 24 October, the world will mark the 75th birthday of the United Nations and the liberal international order. Most agree that this framework—comprising the UN, the International Monetary Fund, the...

Rules needed to stop arms race in space

By Su-Yin Lew Laws and regulations covering outer space are mired in geopolitical gridlock and are failing to keep pace with burgeoning commercial use of space and new technologies. Dependency on space is increasing...

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