Author: DFNS

AAR Looks To Expand in the Mideast

Global aerospace and defense contractor AAR is looking to expand its business in the Middle East after securing a deal with a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates giant Mubadala. …read more

Russians Beginning To Laugh At Putin

Staunton, November 18 – A leader, someone has said, can tolerate almost any attack, but he needs to worry if people begin to laugh at him. Russians have a long history of telling anecdotes...

Why “puberty” in NK remains inside the dictionary

In response to teenage rebelliousness and other behavioral changes distinctly different from childhood, people often say, “Uh oh, it must be puberty.” To most North Koreans, the word “puberty” exists only as a dictionary...

Japan’s very strange election

Japan goes to the polls on 14 December on a very odd pretext. Prime Minister Abe, in calling an election yesterday, justified dissolving the lower house only half way into his four-year term on...

Modi in Australia: An unprecedented level of engagement

Narendra Modi has just concluded his first visit to Australia, the first by any Indian prime minister in 28 years. Combined with Prime Minister Abbott’s visit to India in September and multilateral interactions at...

Region or world? Australia as a ‘top 20’ player

One of the most compelling passages in Thucydides’ detailed narrative of the Peloponnesian War doesn’t involve slaughter or killing. It comes instead when the ambassadors of Athens—the brilliant, cultural, democracy that has always been...

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