Author: DFNS

Saudi, France Seal $3B Weapons Deal For Lebanon Army

Saudi Arabia and France sealed an agreement Tuesday for Riyadh to finance the delivery of $3 billion worth of French weapons to the Lebanese army, which has come under mounting jihadist attack. …read more

Australia’s provincial reflex

‘The provincial reflex’, Peter Hartcher’s coinage in The Adolescent Country, a Lowy Institute Paper released today, is a neat way of describing the chronic parochialism that has infected Australia public life for much of...

SEALs Reminded Not To Seek Fame or Money

The head of US Naval Special Warfare Command and its senior enlisted sailor have reminded SEALs and other special operators to stay out of the limelight. …read more

The case for Pacific Island regionalism

A few months ago I stood on a beach in Tarawa, the most populous of islands comprising the Micronesian nation of Kiribati. It’s long and thin sliver of land where you can walk from...

Inside the Machiavellian Sudanese Foreign Policy

Unnoticed by the mainstream medias, a recent leaked minutes (last English translation, original document in Arabic available here) from a secret meeting between high-level security and military Sudanese officers offer insight into the different...

The costs of cutting steel

In 2013, the early replacement of the Anzac frigates was proposed as a way to bridge the shipbuilding ‘valley of death’. The idea was to continue building AWD hulls and equip them with a...

Is a Top American Diplomat a Russian Agent?

November 3, 2014 – Today the Ukrainian news website GORDON ran an interview with the Russian businessman and sometime politician Konstantin Borovoy. A harsh critic of Vladimir Putin — he recently said Russia’s president...

UK to Sign Deals to Help Improve Acquisition Performance

Deals to improve key recruitment and project management skills at Britain’sdefense procurement and support agency have been signed with three major private-sector companies, the government announced Tuesday. …read more

China plans a global bullet-train dynasty

It is often observed in China that, the worse the economy, the more active the nation’s railway building becomes. A flurry of new high speed rail (HSR) announcements, domestic and international, might suggest that...

Software is Eating the War

Economically Unsustainable Spending Requires a Thorough Rethinking of Defense-Industrial Strategy Software, Josh Marcuse told us, is eating the war. An advisor on innovation to the under secretary of defense for policy, Marcuse was speaking...

New Zealand’s weeks of risk aversion on ISIS

Tomorrow, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key, now entering a third term after September’s general election, is going to do something very rare in his leadership: he’ll be delivering a major speech on security....

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