Category: Policy

NATO’s Strength: A Burden-sharing Success Story

By Murielle Delaporte In an era when NATO gets slammed on a regular basis by President Trump, there’s one key alliance success — the ability of 30 countries to work together on the battlefield....

Blockchain for development

By Josh Hallwright The world is undergoing continuous change, with peaks of dramatic leaps. Ignoring for a moment significant trends in political populism, demographic changes, and environmental risks, these changes may best be summarised...

The five-domains update

By Rhys De Wilde, Luke Courtois, Mali Walker and Genevieve Feely Sea state Russian media has said that the country’s navy will arm up to six of its submarines with ‘Poseidon’ nuclear torpedoes. The...

Maduro’s useful idiots

By Shlomo Ben-Ami In his 1982 Nobel lecture, the Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez condemned the West’s insistence on ‘measuring us with the yardstick that they use for themselves’ and ‘forgetting that the ravages...

Indian aid to the Pacific

By Bhavya Gupta India is a non-traditional donor in the Pacific and has only recently stepped up its presence in the region. In monetary terms, India committed US $134 million in aid to the...

The U.S. and North Korea Are Back to Talking Tough

By Uri Friedman, The Atlantic Pyongyang’s latest threats don’t necessarily mean diplomacy is dead. But they are a sign of just how deadlocked nuclear talks have become. …read more From:: Government Executive (Policy)

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