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NATO Industry Forum Highlights Capability Divide

During last week’s NATO Industry Forum, a sharp contrast emerged between a wish for simple allied access to command-and-control (C2) information, and the high-tech capabilities in the pipeline for US forces. …read more

Russia Update: Attack on Prime Minister of Abkhazia

Welcome to our new column, Russia Update, where we will be closely following day-to-day developments in Russia, including the Russian government’s foreign and domestic policies. Yesterday’s issue is here, and see also our Russia...

Politics Pushing French Comeback to Turkish Market

In the early 2000s, French manufacturers, once big players on the Turkish market, were ‘red-listed’ by Ankara in retaliation for a French parliamentary resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide of 1915-1919. …read more

Kimchi season in Hyesan

Kimchi season in the northern regions of North Korea start a month earlier than in southern provinces like Hwanghae and Gangwon. Hyesan in Yanggang province, one of the coldest and northern-most cities in North...

Obama on Asia: Holding the Brisbane line

America’s commitment to security, dignity and prosperity in Asia, facing up to global challenges, and some strong words on climate change – President Obama’s just-concluded speech in Brisbane was a hybrid package. I imagine...

The way Forward

Heart Security Dialogue III – 28 September 2014 The Way Forward …read more

A G20 watcher in Brisbane

I am from Brisbane, and somewhat ironically, my original ticket out of this city was the G20 analysis I conducted while studying and working at the University of Queensland. In a serendipitous turn of...

Political Chaos in Yemen

Adam Baron comes on the show to discuss the ongoing political chaos in Yemen. Topics covered include: Who the Houthis are, and where they get their power and influence Saleh’s continued grip on power...

Weekend catch-up: A G20 special

With the Brisbane G20 Summit on this weekend, The Interpreter’s usual weekend catch-up makes way for a ‘best of’ our G20 material from the past year. The Lowy Institute’s G20 Studies Centre has been...

From Overreaction to Finesse

Better Buying Power may depend on human capital the Pentagon yet lacks. Frank Kendall, the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer, said this week that his staff has “overreacted” at times to his guidance on improving...

Russia This Week: The Kremlin’s Growing Army of Internet Trolls

This Week’s Stories in Russia Update: Sweden Confirms Submarine in October Was Foreign Vessel Kadyrov Announces Assassination of Georgian Terrorist Omar al-ShishaniIndependent Editor Detained at Airport in Khabarovsk OSCE Sees 100s Of Fighters Cross...

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