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Inauguration Ceremony

Heart Security Dialogue III – 27 September 2014 Inauguration Ceremony …read more

Economic diplomacy alone won’t make China a leader

Recently the growing rivalry between the United States and China seems to be spilling over into the economic and institutional arenas. The US is leading the push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new regional...

Australian Antarctic policy: an update

The recent Senate report, Australia’s future activities and responsibilities in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic waters, released on 29 October, was—to some extent—a lost opportunity. The timing of its release, virtually coinciding with that...

Beijing Summit: Xi Changes Tactics, Not Strategy

WASHINGTON: New agreements between the US and China will reduce the risks of accidental war in the western Pacific. That’s good news — but don’t imagine for a minute that it changes the fundamentals...

A G20 power ‘down under’: getting the balance right

The debate about Australia’s place in the global geostrategic equation, as reflected in the different posts of Peter Jennings, Andrew Carr and Rod Lyon, is a fascinating and important one. Peter and Rod are...

Hagel To Unveil Counters To China, Russia

WASHINGTON: Offset strategy. Doesn’t exactly make your hair stand on end or make you go wow. Does it have to do with international arms deals and tradeoffs companies and countries make to win business?...

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