Category: Policy

Army Seeks New Trucks While Upgrading MRAPs

The U.S. Army is pressing ahead with plans to buy a replacement for the iconic Humvee, even as it upgrades heavier blast-resistant trucks now part of the fleet. …read more

Will Turkey Fight Islamic State?

08 October 2014 Ethem Haldun Solmazturk Academy Turkey Senior Fellow, International Security Department A new authorization in the Turkish parliament seems designed to combat the regional instability caused by Islamic State, but Turkish troops...

Global Health Engagement

President Obama recently announced that the Department of Defense (DoD) would deploy 3,000 troops to lead a major expansion of the U.S. response to Ebola. This campaign will amplify efforts that already include the...

STRATCOM Lacks Authority, $$ On Electronic Warfare

WASHINGTON: As the world has gone wireless, the electromagnetic spectrum has become a vast, invisible battleground — and we don’t even have a general in command. While US Strategic Command has the responsibility to...

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