Category: Policy

Can The Army Get Its Bureaucratic Act Together?

WASHINGTON: “Everybody’s got to change,” Army Gen. David Perkins told me last week. But can the biggest, most bureaucratic, and most fractious service really break a 12-year streak of cancelled multi-billion-dollar programs? It turns...

Reforms Push New Day for US Foreign Military Sales

The Pentagon office in charge of leading the sales of US defense equipment to foreign governments released a strategy document Wednesday aimed at streamlining the foreign military sales (FMS) process, while helping Washington to...

DoD Steps Forward To Credible Audits

WASHINGTON: For decades critics have rightly nailed the Pentagon for the fact it doesn’t know how much money it’s spending or where that money really goes. Pressure has grown and grown for the Pentagon...

LCS Test-Fires New Norwegian Missile

The Navy test-fired a Norwegian long-range precision strike missile from the deck of its Littoral Combat Ship to assess whether the weapon should be permanently integrated onto the ship …read more

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