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Mistrals Not Needed

It’s possible the endgame for the Russian Mistrals is approaching. First Russian Mistral at DCNS (photo: RIA Novosti / Daniil Nizamutdinov) But Moscow’s not sad. Officials have already said it’s not a tragedy. Mikhail...

Army Cyber Chief: Let's Get Closer To Industry

To keep pace with rapid changes in the cyber domain, the military needs ‘a much tighter relationship between industry and government,’ the head of U.S. Army Cyber Command said Thursday. …read more

More EU Sanctions Against Russia Set To Begin

Further sanctions against Russia agreed to by European Union countries on Monday will enter into force tomorrow, an EU official said here Thursday. The measures will cover the capital market, dual use (civil and...

EUISS annual conference 2014

The EUISS held its annual conference on 11/12 September in central Paris. This year’s event, entitled ‘European security in a changing global environment’, was an opportunity to convene numerous policy planners and think tankers...

Obama Eyes Airstrikes in Syria, Fixing Iraqi Army

President Barack Obama will vow in a national address Wednesday to target the Islamic State with air strikes ‘wherever they exist’ in a sign he plans to attack the jihadists inside Syria for the...

ISIS Force Remains Low-Tech: DoD Data

UPDATED: INCLUDES TEXT OF OBAMA SPEECH AS PREPARED Just hours before President Barack Obama goes on the air to explain his strategy to destroy the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the US...

Analysis: For Dick Cheney, Every Day is Sept. 12

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney doubts the sitting commander in chief will use a Wednesday primetime speech to lay out a plan hawkish enough to defeat an upstart violent Sunni group. …read more

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