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Su-35 Deliveries

Su-35 RBK-TV ran a short segment on 3 October indicating that OAK, Sukhoy, and KnAAZ (aka KnAAPO) will deliver (or will have delivered) 22 Su-35 aircraft to the Air Forces by the end of...

A JDAM for Human Rights

Major Mariam al Mansouri’s exploits are an unintended benefit of a looser arms export regime. Arms sales bear a bad reputation for mortgaging global political sensibilities to domestic economic interests. But as a diplomat...

How To Defeat ISIL? The Governance Problem

Howard Bloom is, for lack of a better term, an original thinker. He penned “The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History,” “Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the...

Islamic State Takes Position on Mount Mishtenur

Recent video published by Amak News Agency shows Islamic State taking up position on Mount Mishtenur a little over a mile outside of Kobane, a Syrian Kurdish town on Turkey’s border. Despite reports of...

Sweden To Shutter Arms Export Agency

The planned closure of the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM) is expected to trigger a major overhaul of the country’s arms export rules and infrastructure. …read more

Moscow’s Afghan Endgame

Moscow’s Afghan Endgame June 24, 2014 By Richard Weitz Few will have been watching the troubled Afghan presidential elections with greater attention than Russia. Although Moscow has not shown a strong preference for either...

Arab Leaders Attack IS With Intel, Theological Challenge

As the international coalition’s military operations against Islamic State (IS) militants have ramped up, Arab leaders also have begun waging an intellectual war while providing intelligence to guide airstrikes. …read more

Assimilating Disruption, or Offboarding Innovation?

Big defense contractors’ reactions to start-ups may be more proactive than we suppose. In a speech at the Air Force Association (AFA) meeting in Maryland last month, Chris Chadwick, CEO of Boeing Defense &...

To Boost Strike Force, UK Delays Retiring Jets

The British government has temporarily reprieved a Tornado GR4 strike squadron from the scrap heap in order to maintain sufficient numbers of aircraft for a sustained campaign against the Islamic State. …read more

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