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Might Moscow Partition Crimea as a Way Out of Crisis?

Staunton, October 20 – Almost all discussions about Crimea have talked about it as a single whole and thus considered its future either as being entirely in the Russian Federation or entirely in Ukraine,...

China shoots for the moon again

China has just launched another spacecraft to the moon. The flight will carry a small capsule around the far side of the moon before returning to earth. If all goes well, the capsule will...

What future for the Australian defence industry?  

Recent events, rumours and reports have cast a light on the future of Australia’s defence industry. High-profile considerations have centred on shipbuilding and submarines with the ongoing Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry, ministerial and...

Time for a thorough review of spy agency oversight

Since 11 September 2001, new threats to Australia’s national security have emerged, with Australians targeted by terrorist organisations at home and abroad. Close to home, the threat of terror became a shocking reality with...

US, South Korea Delay Transfer of Wartime Control

The US and South Korea have delayed transferring wartime operational control of allied forces by taking on a ‘conditions-based approach’ and scrapping the previously set deadline of 2015. …read more

China’s Afghanistan policy: Testing the limits of diplomacy

In just two months’ time, international forces in Afghanistan will hand over security responsibility to local personnel. In preparation for the handover, and the eventual withdrawal of foreign militaries, Beijing has substantially raised its...

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