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A North Korean dream home

The “dream homes” in North Korea are precisely as the phrase goes – a dream. They boast the affluence and abundance inaccessible to ordinary North Koreans, and are mostly located in Pyongyang. What makes...

490,000 Soldiers May Not Be Enough: Gen. Ray Odierno

AUSA: 490,000 may not be enough. Two years ago — before the rise of the Islamic State, before Russia’s stealth invasion of Ukraine, before Ebola erupted across Africa – Army Chief of Staff Ray...

Iran—‘bigger and badder’ than ISIL?

Once alerted to the menace posed by brutal terrorists in Iraq and Syria, the world has swung into action with vigour and resolve—and enough potent military hardware to make even the most hardened terrorist...

US-Japan Accord Vague, Lopsided, Analysts Claim

American and Japanese officials are at loggerheads in discussions toward completing their ‘vision statement’ updating their 17-year-old defense cooperation guidelines, according to Japanese experts. …read more

RIPA, Caryatid, and the News of the World Newsdesk

The current press outrage about police using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) makes for interesting debate. Many are surprised. But it isn’t a new police tactic. It was used at least as far...

Turkey Recognizes the ISIS Threat

Does Turkey view the Islamic State as a threat? Do Turkish government officials embrace the idea of a Kurdish-Turkish alliance against a shared enemy: The Islamic State? Do the unfolding clashes portend the end...

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