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Sorry, Not a Victor

Sorry, Not a Victor (photo: Reuters / Yuriy Maltsev) What great fun when the general press covers Russian military issues! Business Insider ran this pictorial presuming to show an outdated Victor-class SSN headed for...

First lessons from the Ukrainian crisis

A decade ago the EU launched the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in an attempt to surround itself with a ‘ring of friends’. As the Economist put it recently, however, it now seems surrounded by...

“Has Kim Jong-un really been gone for a month?”

A month has passed since Kim Jong-un “disappeared from view”. As far as North Korean state media is concerned, all that has been reported in relation to this was a brief comment stating that...

US Pushing Turks to Join Anti-IS Coalition

A team of top US officials has arrived in Ankara, Turkey for two days of talks in an attempt to prod the Turkish government into taking an active role in fighting the Islamist State...

Army Seeks New Trucks While Upgrading MRAPs

The U.S. Army is pressing ahead with plans to buy a replacement for the iconic Humvee, even as it upgrades heavier blast-resistant trucks now part of the fleet. …read more

Will Turkey Fight Islamic State?

08 October 2014 Ethem Haldun Solmazturk Academy Turkey Senior Fellow, International Security Department A new authorization in the Turkish parliament seems designed to combat the regional instability caused by Islamic State, but Turkish troops...

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