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Australia’s latest commitment

Defence analysis is my core business, so I thought I’d share my views about Australia’s decision about going to war again in the Middle East. As I’ll argue below, I think we’re doing the...

Drug Policy Reform: Learning from the Swiss model

06 Nov Invitation Only Research Event Drug Policy Reform: Learning from the Swiss model 6 Nov 2014 – 14:30 to 16:00 Chatham House, London International Security Department Participants Diane Steber Büchli, Senior Advisor, International...

Staying ahead: the US and future technologies

The US is determined to remain the world leader in defence technology. After several years of procurement and research cuts (a 14% reduction to $168 billion in fiscal year 2013 and a further 4%...

Thales Chairman and CEO Jean-Bernard Levy to Resign

Thales Chairman and CEO Jean-Bernard Levy is leaving the defense electronics giant and will take the top spot at electricity utility Electricité de France. Levy is replacing Henri Proglio. …read more

A Nobel Prize for Procurement

Jean Tirole’s award in economics reminds us that the defense procurement is a deeply challenging business problem. For me, it’s a great week when a procurement theorist wins a Nobel Prize. Fairly, Jean Tirole...

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