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The reforms Kazakhstan needs

By Kassymkhan Kapparov Kazakhstan’s former president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who resigned in March after nearly 30 years in power, was a great admirer of the Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew. For Nazarbayev, Lee’s leadership showed...

Alleged Israeli Strikes Bring U.S. to Crossroads in Iraq

By Katie Bo Williams, Defense One The Pentagon is worried that attacks on Iran-linked targets could damage its relationship with Baghdad. But what does the White House want? …read more From:: Government Executive (Policy)

The US and Israel aren’t on the same page on Iran

By Mohammed Ayoob On 24 August, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau announced, ‘I repeat: Iran has no immunity, anywhere … I have given the instruction to prepare for any scenario. We will continue to...

National security wrap

By Sunny Cao, Sarah O’Connor and James Rickard The beat Police arrest squatters in Athens Police officers in Athens have raided the Exarchia district, known as an anarchist enclave, and arrested around 100 people...

From the bookshelf: ‘China’s vision of victory’

By Hunter Marston The world nervously awaits a potential clampdown by Chinese security forces following weeks of clashes between police and demonstrators in Hong Kong. Global markets are reeling from the latest news of...

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