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Is NATO’s 2% of GDP a relevant target?

Sometimes it’s what you spend, and sometimes it’s where and how you spend it. With a few announcements of new spending around the NATO Summit, the alliance is a little closer, but only a...

Analysts: New Modi Government Lacks Clear Defense Policy

The dual responsibilities of defense minister and finance minister handed to Arun Jaitley has given short shrift to India’s Defence Ministry, and the quick decisions anticipated on weapons procurement have not been forthcoming, said...

Ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine

On Friday September 5, a ceasefire between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatist rebels in the east of the country (mainly Donestk and Luhansk oblasts) went into effect, following the meeting in Minsk of...

Amphibious Shipping Shortfalls

Though there are many ways to measure the supply and demand of amphibious shipping capabilities, all show there is a significant gap between the two that is likely to persist. In recognition of this...

UK to Pledge 1,000 Troops to NATO Rapid Response Force

Britain has pledged to commit 1,000 troops to a new NATO spearhead force expected to be announced by alliance leaders on the second day of the summit, according to Prime Minister David Cameron. …read...

Cameron: UK Will Operate 2 Aircraft Carriers

The UK Royal Navy is to get a second operational aircraft carrier, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Friday as the two-day NATO summit came to an end. …read more

V-22 To Participate in NATO Exercises

NATO intends to use US V-22 Ospreys in upcoming exercises across the alliance, which could lead to increased interest in the aircraft by European countries, a top commander said on Friday. …read more

How To Defeat ISIL: It’s All About The Strategy

As the NATO alliance’s panjandrums meet in Wales and debate the best ways to destroy ISIL and make Vladimir Putin’s Russia stop doing whatever it wants in Ukraine, we offer this schemata for defeating...

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